9 Reasons Why You Should Use Silicone Bakeware

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the world, and advancements are being made in the field each year. In addition to new surgical techniques, new implant devices are coming out as well. One of the most popular new options for women interested in breast augmentation surgery are silicone gel implants, and there are several reasons why they’re worth considering. Below are the Top 7:

1. Silicone gel implants are safe. Silicone implants, silicone stacking toy which are also called cohesive gel implants, have been used since the early 1960s, but were banned in 1992 due to concerns about the possibility of silicone leaking into the body. Since then, manufacturers have made drastic improvements to the materials that are found in silicone breast implants today.

2. The FDA also says that silicone gel implants are safe. You don’t just have to take our word for it! Study after study has shown that the new version of silicone implants is safe. Daniel Schultz, M.D., Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA, had this to say in the press release sent out by the FDA: “The FDA has reviewed an extensive amount of data from clinical trials of women studied for up to four years, as well as a wealth of other information to determine the benefits and risks of these products. The extensive body of scientific evidence provides reasonable assurance of the benefits.of these devices.”

3. There’s a big difference between old silicone implants and new silicone gel implants. The biggest difference between the two is that silicone gel implants won’t leak. This is because the silicone strands in the newer models are cross-linked, creating a gel that is so thick that it won’t leak, even when the implant is cut. Some German studies even go so far as to suggest that the environment required for leakage isn’t possible to create in a living human.

4. New cohesive silicone gel implants look better than their saline counterparts. Saline implants wrinkle and fold much easier than silicone implants, which can have affect the way the actual breasts look and feel. Silicone gel implants, on the other hand, look and feel more “natural” than anything else available on the market.