Backpacking – How to Protect and Care For Your Sleeping Pad

If you’ve got sold a high great drowsing pad, you’ll need to pay special attention to these care and restore suggestions. Camping mats are truely very clean to attend to or restore regardless of the kind.

Protecting Your Sleeping Mat

Whether you’re the use of an air Outdoor Sleeping Pad mattress, a foamie or a self inflating mat like Thermarest, these fundamentals will assist you guard your tenting mat from put on and tear:

eliminating rocks, sharp sticks and flowers from the floor
be cautious now not to spill food or drinks to your equipment
air mattresses and self inflating pads can be easily punctured
heat or campfire sparks are absolutely the enemy
though durable, foamies are effortlessly cut with knives or hatchets
wrap a lightweight nylon rectangular around your camping mat to shield it and preserve it dry for your backpack.
Sleeping Pad Care

It’s clean to take care of your napping pad. Before loading into your backpack, air mattresses and foam tenting pads may be easily brushed or sprayed easy. Self inflating kinds should also be kept clean and any spills fast wiped up. The largest hazard is from tree sap which makes a mess of pads and is without problems transferred to dozing baggage, tents and clothing.

Be extra careful about storing inflatable pads in the trunk of your automobile in warm weather or tropical climates. Some campers have pronounced melting of sealed seams from intense warmth.

After your journey is achieved, take special care when storing your gear. Foam pads should be wiped smooth very well with a moist cloth, stored flat or hung up with clothespins. Let air out of inflatables and additionally shop them flat. Storing pads rolled up is tough at the cloth and results in more put on and tear.

So do not forget these simple guidelines and your dozing pad and different backpacking gear will final you for many years.

Camping Pad Length And Width

Make positive you in shape on the pad. Your shoulders and hips need to fit at the pad. A ordinary sized pad is anywhere from 72 to seventy eight inches lengthy and could assist to keep your legs and feet warm which is a big plus on the ones chilly camping journeys!

A 3-quarter period or short camping pad is commonly round 47 to 48 inches in period and therefore packs down smaller and weighs less.

The majority of camping pads offer a trendy width of 20 inches. You can get wider pads of 25 or 30 inches and whether or not or not you buy the sort of will rely on your size.