Billboard Advertising Concept, Advantages, Types, Cost, Tips

To make your billboard design memorable, employ emotional marketing techniques, that is, allow your message to spark customers’ interest. But, keep in mind that there’s a thin line between getting your billboard noticed and causing major traffic distractions. Thus, depending on your business, keep your image choices G-rated and your content clean.

This can help build brand recognition and increase the chances of customers choosing the brand when making purchasing decisions. Billboard Advertising Guide 19Digital billboards are a modern and interactive form of outdoor advertising that uses electronic displays to show ads. These billboards can display multiple ads in a rotating sequence, allowing for more variety and flexibility in advertising campaigns. Billboard Advertising Guide 18Vinyl billboards are a more modern type of billboard that uses flexible vinyl material instead of traditional paper or cardboard. They are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for long-term outdoor advertising campaigns.

Pedestrians, passengers, drivers, etc., everyone at least have a look at these billboards. If you have an eye-catching billboard, you have more chances to get maximum impressions.

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A comprehensive offer on both traditional and digital media with detailed product pages. The location where the billboards are to be put up should be taken into consideration as it plays a massive role in the success of a billboard advertisement. Also, dynamic billboards have shortcomings of damage or malfunctioning of the light-emitting diodes . With mobile LED billboards, it is almost impossible for anyone to disregard these appealing ads.

It’s not as if anyone has forgotten it exists and yet large, national companies like Coca Cola spend millions on advertising each year—billboard ads included. Everyone eats, so restaurant billboards are effective for local advertising. However, a local business that offers in-home chefs for high-end clients may not be a great candidate for billboards as it has a narrow audience. Example of a physical billboard advertising a local restaurant. If you can’t make your pitch in eight seconds, billboards are probably not the right channel. The non-animated, static nature of traditional billboards is also ineffective if your message requires interpretation. Look for a location that is not surrounded by competing Billboards.

This utterly creative billboard design for Formula Toothcare takes its tag line ‘builds strong teeth’ to extremes. The ‘broken’ metal frame makes the billboard design look all the more realistic and eye-catching – ensuring a strong execution in delivery. This would certainly catch our eye if we were walking past.

Moreover, the construction and printing can dent your budget up to $500. Last but not least, the cost of the design, if you are outsourcing it, may stand somewhere between $150- $1000 depending on the designer and complexity of your expected design.

Billboard Advertising Effectiveness

Also, one billboard can be used efficiently for many ads by changing their content. With your electronic billboards, you should get your story straight, plus the ad should be short, sweet, and safe. Read more about billboard advertising here. You should also make your ad colourful and location-driven to make them useful.

Finding the ideal Billboard placement is crucial to the success of your Billboard advertising campaign. You can have the standout creative and the right unit types but if the placements are not ideal your campaign will not be nearly as effective as it can be. The advertiser was able to pick highways, freeways and major roads near home improvement centers to reach its target demographic. The US Dept of Transportation placed digital billboards in 13 states to promote its Call 811 program. Get static and digital/video/LED billboard advertising in over 300 cities across the United States with a single billboard advertising company.