Emotional Intelligence – The ABCs Of Making A Presentation On Emotional Intelligence

For years we have used IQ as a way to measure how intelligent a person is, we assume that the higher your IQ the more successful you can be, however that is not completely true. Recent research has shown that emotional intelligence play a major role in the success of a person.

Emotional intelligence leadership test DISC is what  make a great entrepreneur, to be successful in business several abilities are necessary, like being able to deal with people, work in pressure, manage multiple people, work on different projects and more. Emotional intelligence help us make better decisions and manage people more effectively to achieve our goals and theirs. A person that has high emotional intelligence EQ is more likely to be successful that a person with high IQ but lack of social and emotional skills. However emotional intelligence for leadership or personal development can be acquired is not a talent.

Some people think that leaders are born and that there are people that are born with high emotional intelligence, but the truth is that most of the times emotional intelligence is acquired through our lives. You can develop this ability by making different exercises for the brain. People that can increase their EQ can manage difficult situations more effectively and understand other people problems like if they were in their shoes.

Lets take an example of leadership, an entrepreneur that has to treat employees and team members every day will encounter personal differences of opinions and interest, using his emotional intelligence he will understand his co worker interests and problems and then come up with a common solution.

In the above example if the leader cant find a common solution with his co worker, then he will explain in the best way possible how both can benefit from his decision and what points he agree with him that can be used in the future. On the other hand a leader with lack of emotional intelligence, will say a clear no, because he don’t care or don’t like his opinion. That will cause a serious team work problem and bad mood.