Getting Your Relationship Back On Track

I think most of us have wondered how do I save my relationship at one time or another. For some, it may be the first fight and, due to inexperience, think this is the end.

For others, it really can be the end First Big Fight in a Relationship approaching, and this is a very sad situation to be in. Your life can be absolutely turned upside down; you may find it hard to concentrate at work (which can even be dangerous), you likely will have trouble sleeping which makes you tired all day.

In short, it is definitely in your best interest to act quickly to determine if you can (and even should) save your relationship or if you are better off bringing the relationship to an amicable end and just moving on.

Moving on, of course, is easier if we are talking about just a relationship and not a marriage and if there are not children involved.

So how do I save my relationship?

Well, first of all, a good relationship begins with you. It is natural to think of the problems in the context of what your partner is or is not doing right and how that angers you.

So let’s start instead with the person in the mirror, you. This is actually the easy part in a way because you have some control over you, whereas you have little control over your partner; and we might argue you should not attempt to “control” your partner.

Often times people make bad choices in relationships, choosing people for the wrong reasons. Think about what led you to choose this person and if that was a wise decision.

Next think about why he or she may have chosen you, and if you are living up to the standard you set for yourself when courting this person to like and later love you.

People have a tendency to be on their best behavior at the beginning of a relationship and then let things slide from there into the more comfortable, lazy approach.

With men this might mean being careful about your hygiene, manners and the courtesies you extend to your lady. What is more important, though, is how you treat her around others. Do you build her up or do you make her the brunt of your jokes?

With women this might be tending to your appearance with the same level of detail as when you first met. Saving time by pinning your hair up, going without makeup and just dropping yourself into your favorite old sweats are not as impressive as when you spend a little time on yourself.

We all want to be able to relax at home, let our guard down and not have to be in top form all the time, but no one really enjoys being around a slop, someone who is rude or simply takes you for granted.