How Much Do Estate Sale Companies Charge? Full Estate Sale Cost

This is either factored into the commission price or tacked on as an extra fee. You’ll probably need to build your team right from the start, as your estate sale company demands a multitude of talents. That need is multiplied if you have two or more estate sales in progress on the same day. Estate sales serve as an effective means of dispersing household items, furniture, antiques, collectibles, clothing, and more at a fair price. Families that wish to hold an estate sale often hire professional estate sale organizers to help appraise and market the items for sale.

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You must also have an active social media presence, including a business page on Facebook and a presence on LinkedIn, at a minimum. It will be up to you to decide if the services an estate sale professional provides are worth it. The typical estate sale professional will keep approximately 25 to 40 percent of the sale proceeds. It’s important to remember that not all items should be priced at their maximum value. Estate sales are often used as an opportunity to clear out belongings quickly. When setting prices, professional organizers consider factors such as market demand, current trends, and negotiation room.

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“Know your measurements and befriend a local carpenter to help with any purchases or questions,” Cook says. When you’ve found a company you’re happy with, make sure you get a contract that covers all the details you’ve discussed and that you understand everything in it before you sign. After this, you can relax and the company will manage all aspects of the sale. You come into the home which has been professionally organized and priced and buy items on the spot for cheaper than you can get them anywhere else. Please note that the featured sales listed here were not chosen by EstateSales.NET. Put your money where your mouth is and get some accreditations under your belt.

Through their experience, they have developed a keen eye for presenting merchandise in an enticing manner that highlights its beauty or functionality. Ask the company how many sales they have conducted in your town, especially within the past three months. Their answer may tell you whether they’re growing an estate sale business or expanding on a garage sale or yard sale hobby. Again, an estate sale company with a consistently high activity level will likely charge more for their services. If you have expensive or specialized items in your sale, an agent’s expertise can be invaluable for determining an appropriate price. Good estate sale agents have connections or brokerage sources, who are experts in selling fine art, collectables, jewelry and other valuables.

Display Your Items for Sale

If you set prices too low, you’ll be throwing money away; if you set them too high, you’ll scare off potential buyers. Estate sales are usually run by an auctioneer or a professional estate sale agent.

From there, they tend to work based on a commission structure, receiving a percentage of the gross sales. However, estate sale companies can also charge a flat rate or a sliding commission fee. Find antique shops, thrift stores, resellers, furniture stores, and other places that might be interested in purchasing your goods. Professional estate sales often last two or three days, usually over a weekend. Keep an eye out for local events or holidays and consider them carefully.

Without a doubt, this is one definition of what an estate sale is. In addition to commission, companies also often charge fees for other services, like advertising, trash hauling, clean up, credit card fees, among others.