How to Build Your Portfolio?

When out in the real world it is entirely different. This is something you never learned from school. Approaching a modeling agency like Elite, Ford and Fusion can sometimes be disheartening and intimidating especially when you are starting. You need fine models for your portfolio to catch the eye of the agency to begin with.

One of the first things you can do in Creative Director approaching a modeling agency is to start making calls and be ready, not all agencies will be entertaining your calls or think that your work is simply amazing. Most agencies will make you feel that your work is not interesting but you can always adhere to agencies who have shown interest and have given you tests to work on their new faces and start building good a rapport with the bookers.

Make sure you have your own website prior to approaching an agency. The bookers can always refer to your website to see your work. You can start calling these bookers and ask for their email to send them your website. When sending emails be sure to make it brief and short by introducing yourself, giving the link to your website and ask for an appointment to present them your printed portfolio. You can say thank you and wish them a nice day as well.

Be in touch with the bookers you have sent emails and exert some effort to meet with them and introduce yourself. Not all will be interested in meeting you especially if you are new in the business but there will be some who will accept your invitation. Making this far, give it everything you’ve got. Bring your portfolio and be sure that you have your best works in it. Do not get intimidated, it is much more frightening when you were just approaching the agency. By this time you have already established some camaraderie with the booker.

Focus on people who are interested in your work and forget about those who do not like them. It will not help you in getting in an agency.

Always be ready with your print book when approaching a modeling agency. They will be more interested in seeing your work rather than having a tete – a – tete with you. Every time you approach an agency in finding work make sure that your portfolio is always updated and bring it with you every time someone calls you for an appointment.