How To Decorate a New Construction Home

Frequently family photos get a bad rap when it comes to decorating a home with style. Today we’re going to talk about how to decorate with family photos in a stylish way.

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Small Home Office Ideas That’ll Make You Feel Like the Boss You Are

If you’re still in need of a garland, you can also consider making your own this holiday season. The first step in how to decorate a Christmas tree is adding the lights. Tree lights typically come on green or white wire strands, though you can also find black variations now, which are perfect if you happen to have a black Christmas tree. Choose the strand color that matches your tree so the wire will be hidden. Illuminating your Christmas tree from the inside out will give it the most dynamic look. Start at the base of the trunk and work your way up, wrapping lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back.

Your home office might not face a lush landscape, so why not create one yourself? Many of us don’t have the luxury of a dedicated room for a home office. If that’s the case, use art and accessories to delineate your work area in a way that complements the rest of your home decor. A mobile by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and a painting by Leon Benn provide artful touches. If you are traveling with the tree on top of your vehicle, consider taking a route home that enables you to drive a little slower.

Using Christmas tree picks and sprays is a creative way to fill in the sparse areas of your tree. Also, they bring a different kind of texture to the whole look. If you want a more natural feel for your display, choose picks like berries, flowers, or pinecones. On the other hand, achieve a more sophisticated effect with fancier ones embellished with crystals or pearls.

Hang Pom-Pom Ornaments

Get ready to make your Christmas decorations extra special with poinsettias! Let’s start making beautiful poinsettia Christmas decorations! Have you ever thought of crafting a Christmas tree out of Qtips? Get ready to make your own little Christmas trees that can bring holiday cheer to your home.These DIY projects are easy and fun. You can use them to decorate your table, shelf, or even make cute ornaments. We’ve gathered some great ideas that use simple and affordable materials.Let’s explore these DIY mini Christmas tree projects that will make your holidays special! Before you rush out to purchase new decorations, take a moment to assess your space and envision what types of adornments could go on the surfaces and structures that already exist.

Wrap your ceiling beams with greens to give your Christmas decor a boost, like this rustic kitchen from M Starr Design that is sprinkled with greens throughout for a festive feel. Decorate your kitchen for the holidays by lining an open shelf with holly and filling some spare champagne coupes with tea candles, like this festive space from designer Annie Sloan. Keep it simple by filling a decorative bowl with bells and placing it on a side table, console, dresser, or as part of a larger centerpiece. Casa Watkins Living let some of the bells spill onto a wooden tray for a casual feel, and added a Santa snow globe and a vase of holiday flowers for a portable centerpiece.

You will want to make one for every season and will be perfect for your home or as a gift. Display your collection of holiday tableware on a sideboard or open shelf, like this kitschy vintage-style Santa mug collection from Liz Marie Blog. Swap in a pair of holiday curtains to give your living room an instant Christmas makeover, like these red-and-white plaid curtains from Wild Rose Country Home. Tie chair backs with wide velvet bows to create an easy elegant feel, like this Christmas dining room from Kibler & Kirch.