How to Destroy Hard Drives: NSA Data Sanitization Garner Products

Once the EMP goes through the hard drive, the data becomes irrecoverable. For highly sensitive information, especially on smaller devices…

AES-192 and AES-256 are approved in the US for state documents with the highest secrecy level and are currently not considered to be decryptable. In all codes generated by computers, a mathematical decryption solution can be found – at least theoretically. And with the “Brute Force” method it is only a question of the computing speed of the computer used until one finally succeeds. In the case of AES you need a supercomputer, which would cost several billon US dollars. The estimated time to build the machine would take several decades.

These are at least six ways to completely wipe your hard drive and keep anyone from accessing your old data. It’s for you to decide which course of action to take to ensure ultimate protection. And finally, for most people a standard secure wipe will do. Unless someone is taking forensic tools to your data it’s rarely an issue as long as you just format or wipe the drive, even once. So, to remove the data completely from the hard disk any special softwre is required and Wipe Mac is simply perfect which I used as well. It removes the data at changes the hard disk format in its native state that is to 0 and 1.

Where Can I Recycle Computers?

In this day and age, it’s vital to keep your client’s personal information and data secure. There are a few times where you must use degaussing too. If you’re using any information that requires a clearance level, such as “Classified” or “Top Secret” designations, you must follow disposal standards and procedures that include degaussing. Many of the devices that we can put through a degausser are still able to be used afterward. Generic magnetic storage devices like reel-to-reel tapes and VHS video cassettes are the most likely to be usable after degaussing. The downside is that these are so old that you generally won’t save any money by trying to reuse them due to the upkeep of older equipment and their limited storage. Once you’ve wiped the hard drive, remove it from the computer and take it to a recycling collection point.

Program Teaches Special Ed Students IT Recycling and Data Destruction

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Between 2006 and 2015, the amount of reported cyber incidents that targeted the Federal government grew 1,300 percent, according to Network World. This is just one of the many signs pointing toward the need for increased security and better training among employees.