How to Make Candles with Your Favorite Scents

Repeat the process of microwaving for 45 seconds and stirring roughly 4 times depending on the wattage of your microwave. You can use just about anything for a wick holder. You can buy elaborate wick holders from candle supply companies or a pack of clothespins from the local dollar store.

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I would love watching the extra ideas you throw out like you do when you make lunches. The number of candles this recipe will make is approximate. Since you’ll probably burn your finished candles in your home, it’s understandable that you’ll want your candle-making materials to be as safe as possible.

Pour the wax into your double boiler and allow to melt for10 to 15 minutes, stirring frequently. You can check out my ultra-simple dried orange peel tutorial here.

How to Make Homemade Natural Candles

In the following part, we’ll talk about what you can do to maximize the scent throw of your handmade candles. Attach a wick to the bottom of a heatproof container, like a metal or glass jar. Add twice the container’s volume worth of soy wax flakes to a double boiler over high heat. Melt and pour your own easy candles, naturally scented with essential oils, for a signature fragrance and warm ambience at home. With the advent of mass-­produced candles in the 19th century , candle making disappeared from the list of regular, ongoing household chores. But machine-­made candles just don’t have the lovely shapes or the lush colors of homemade candles. And even learning the basics of the craft provides rich rewards.

Pour Wax

This scented candles DIY recipe is for beginners as getting the perfect result of scented candles can be tricky. There’re many factors that impact the finished candles, like the brand and ingredients of essential oils, the temperature you add the oils, the wax melting point, etc. After melting your wax, remove it from heat and mix in a few drops of essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus to infuse the candle with a natural scent. Alternatively, use candlemaking scents , and follow the bottle’s instructions on how much to add.Add citronella to your wax to make your candle a natural insect repellant. All of these ingredients are available from candle-making vendors online.

This will help the wax and crayon melt more evenly. If you don’t want to dirty your spoon, use a popsicle stick or a disposable chopstick. Add a tiny amount of color dye to the melted gel at a time until you achieve the desired shade. Remember, you can always add more paint to make the color brighter, but you can’t remove the dye. Only a tiny amount of color should be used on a candle with embedded items so the objects stay visible.

Of all the different types of candle wax, it is soy wax that we use most often in our candle-making projects. Soy wax is sold at a mid-range price with a slow burn, making it a great value. The wax is made from soy beans and is considered more eco-friendly than paraffin wax. Once the wax is completely melted, add drops of essential oils to the mixture.

Fragrance oils are usually the most expensive candle making supplies. To cut off the cost, manufacturers may use fragrance oils of low quality. Paper core wicks burn cooler and are best for paraffin wax, soy wax, or a blend. Rosemary If you love the smell of fresh greens and want a fresh herbal scent around your home, then mix in rosemary oil into the candle wax. Rosemary may also help boost your mood and reduce stress.