How to Select a Machine for Making Ice

Having bulk ice on available is vital for eateries. You must make sure you have a consistent supply of drinks because your restaurant offers them day and night. Make sure to include a dependable ice maker in your list of industrial refrigeration equipment. But how do you pick an ice maker, and what factors should you take into account?


You must take into account the space available despite the fact that it may seem unimportant given the other industrial catering equipment in your restaurant. As you know sphere shaped ice is more attractive in the drinks. For this purpose, your choice should be ball ice maker. The ice maker needs to be tiny and compact enough to be practically hidden away, but it also needs to have a big enough capacity to produce a lot of ice. It must to be compact enough to fit under a kitchen counter and create a lot of ice.

Production of Ice

Compare the number of beverages it can create in a day to the number of hours it can manufacture ice. The amount is around average if you own a small to medium restaurant. If so, you would need an ice maker that produces roughly 18kg of ice every day. Choose a machine that can produce up to 50kg of ice if your restaurant is bigger.


This is a crucial component for any culinary equipment in a restaurant. Always put your clients’ health and safety first. Bacterial growth is typically expected in water. Because of this, you must check to see if the ice maker includes an anti-scale system and an antibacterial bag. Additionally, stainless steel ice makers prevent the growth of microorganisms. Scotsman ice makers are in compliance with food safety regulations, so it would be worthwhile to look into.

Storage Volume

Once the ice has been produced inside the ice maker, it must be kept there until it is either completely emptied or removed. Examine how long it will take you to use a given amount of ice or think about how much time you will need before removing it. In order to prevent melting between removal intervals, an ice maker with a big storage bin capacity should be taken into consideration if ice removal is going to be low. The ball ice maker can give you lot of ice balls within a short time and help you out in your business.

It is just as important for a restaurateur to choose their refrigeration equipment carefully as it is for their ice maker. Before selecting one, it is crucial that you take into account all of the aforementioned factors. Scotsman ice machines use technological improvements to provide unique goods. Additionally, they have a successful track record in the food sector. Therefore, make sure the ice-making equipment you source is dependable, long-lasting, functional, and meets your needs.