PAT Testing Gets a Bad Name Because of Sticker Jockey’s – PAT Testing Cowboys!

PAT Testing is an vital a part of place of job health and safety within the UK, but every now and then the best of the employer accomplishing the PAT Testing may be unnoticed.

The majority of companies that e book a PAT Tester to behavior their PAT Testing won’t meet up with the business enterprise, or a representative from it, first of all. This is a grave mistake that could price you dear.

When you run a Pat Testing Company West Lothian commercial enterprise and also you are trying to find a brand new accountant, solicitor, marketer or plumber do you ring a load of numbers within the cellphone e-book or pick a organization off the net and simply say “the job’s yours”? So why do you do it with a PAT tester.

Just like whilst selecting your accountant or solicitor, you need to meet them first; invite them in your workplace, show them around so that they understand what they are quoting for and get to know them – human beings purchase people. Why get someone to offer you with a carrier if you do not get on?

When you ‘rent’ a PAT checking out company you’re inviting them into each single region of your commercial enterprise, you are permitting them to go into locations even some body of workers are not allowed – server rooms as an example, so you have were given to understand they can be trusted, and also you want to understand that they realize what they may be doing. That is important.

Are you conscious that it is not uncommon for a PAT Tester with restricted enjoy to actually disconnect a server with out checking with everyone first – what number of problems will that motive your enterprise?

It’s additionally no longer unusual for PAT Testers to chop plugs of items that fail, that means not most effective do you have to get the item fixed, however you need to re-twine the plug too.

Where an equipment fails we are able to mark it as such, we can get rid of the fuse within the plug so it cannot be used by chance and we will supply the stated object to our touch within your enterprise, explaining to them why the item has failed and what they ought to do with it.

Also, by means of meeting the PAT Tester you may recognise if they’re going to offer an sincere reliable carrier – your intuition will tell you that.

Arrange to meet with your PAT Tester, take a seat down, have a coffee and speak your PAT Testing necessities with them. Follow this test listing:

> Make certain they do visual inspections efficaciously (ask them to expose you if you want)
> Ask what software program they use – you want to recognize you may get authentic electrical results
> See examples of the certificate you will acquire
> Ask how many items they are able to take a look at in 1 hour: 20-50 need to be the max (50 if doing IT system outside workplace hours)
> Discuss Frequency – it is likely you won’t need annual trying out