Shipwreck at the Park-Cool Fun Under the Sun

The twenty acres of tropical landscaping, instigative lodestones, and family-friendly atmosphere give a day of beat the heat fun and memorable moments. Whether you’re a exhilaration candidate that enjoys twists and turns that leave you breathless, or if you’re looking to just protest back and relax, Shipwrecked at the park offers a fantastic variety of ways to make a splash.

Ocean Motion Wave Pool is a-gallon pool that generates three bottom swells every ten twinkles. The demitasse clear water, win trees and girding sun davenports are evocative of an idyllic sand- relax and soak up the shafts, or jump right in!

.White Knuckle River is a 660- bottom long wringing, winding inner tube lift that features tubes large enough for the entire family to pile into!

. Tree Top Drop is actually two slides coming off of a 65- bottom altitudinous platform. Perfect for those seeking a high-adrenaline rush! One slide is a dark tube that drops onto a free fall slide that sends you down a stirring drop slide. The other slide is the inversely thrilling Tree Top Drop enclosed wringing tube slide.

The Pirate’s Plunge Racing Slide is battering slides side by side from the top of a 60- bottom altitudinous palace. Riders will zoom to the bottom in seconds with a splash. Lift coming to a mate for a wild and wet race!

The Rapid River Run is over 300 bases of white water inner tube rafting. The chute give riders one of the stylish white water tubing slides you’ll find anywhere! End this instigative lift with a 50- bottom splash down!

The Zoom Flume is the oldest magnet at Shipwreck Island. Three flumes wind in, out and around a huge hill and eventually come together in a big splash pool.

The Great Shipwreck is a replica of a 17th century sailing boat. Swing out from the boat on a string and drop into a beautiful lagoon pool. Fun for all periods!

Skull Island & The Tadpole Hole are family exertion pools filled with falls, multitudinous kid slides, water cannons and further, for good old fashioned, family fun.

The Lazy River is perfect for those seeking pure relaxation. Float your cares down on this bottom laggardly moving, mooching swash. Hop off at the area of your choice, or float around again!

.In addition to Shipwreck Island’s numerous slides and lifts, the demesne also offers a gift shop where you can find Panama Jack sun care products, sunglasses and monuments. Snare a bite at one of eight food and libation areas, where you can choose from burgers, pizza, hotdogs, salads, regale, wraps, channel galettes, ice cream, and firmed drinks. Clean and accessible bathrooms are generous in the demesne, and lockers are available for$5.00 with a$2.00 refund when the key is returned at the end of your visit.