Skin Care Tips for Black Men

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, more commonly referred to in brothas to us as “razor bumps”, arise on the faces of males with coarse, rough curly hair. About fifty-eight percentage of Black men are plagued by the issue of hair ingrown and razor bumps every day best clippers for black men.

Razor bumps are a result of beard hairs, which are more commonly in the neck region become curlier as they grow. They then grow back into the skin next to the hair follicle. Shaving the hair’s ends sharpens and makes it easier to get them into the skin.

Razor bumps can cause irritation and burn, which can lead to the formation of scars, making shaving nearly impossible. A lot of Black men are turning to creams for depilation that seem to work better than razors. However, certain depilatories when not properly used can cause irritation to the skin.

Certain creams can assist for a short period of time but, sooner or later, adverse effects from long-term usage begin to show up.

How do hair ingrowns develop?

Both genders suffer from the problem of hair growth that is ingrown. However, men suffer the most due to the thickness, or coarseness of the hair follicles located on the neck and face. Ingrown hairs develop after hair is removed, or cut off, beneath the skin’s surface. When your hair gets bigger, it curls up within the follicle but isn’t able to reach the skin surface. This results in an ugly, “bump” on the skin.

Some razor bumps also appear when a hair that is growing is removed from the follicle, and then bends to return towards the skin’s surface. When the sharp edges, shaved off edges of coarse hair get to the skin surface they re-enter the skin, causing puffy pimple-like bumps that appear.

Solving Ingrown Hairs

Many men have realized that the sole solution to the dilemma is using tweezers. We all know that this isn’t the greatest feeling but African American men aren’t able to find an alternative.

Here are eight shaving tips which can reduce the pain , and also keep your face clean:

Applying a shaving cream following shaving will reduce the appearance of the redness. This applies to women too. This technique can be used for bikini lines, legs and underarms.

Make sure you make use of a clean blade when shaving with a blade. This can be done by using only new blades and discarding those that were previously utilized three or more times.

For those who employ electric shavers, make sure to change the foil or rotary blades after a few months. If you’re obliged to shave every day and regularly, you might need to replace them earlier. This could cause a lot of stress as a number of the rotary blades are priced at more than half the price of the total value of the razor is.

When using the handheld razor, you must be sure to shave towards the growth of your hair. Most men’s facial hair is downwards and therefore, it is important to cut it in that direction. This is particularly important in the neck region because shaving in the direction of the grain could be among the most common causes of pointed razor-like hairs that get back into the skin.

Don’t stretch your skin while shaving. The pulling of your neck, chin, or cheeks while shaving , in order to achieve a more precise shaving session, can cause darkening and discoloration of the skin tissue. This is especially relevant for fair and light-skinned Black men with dark coarse hair.

Be aware of what you consume. Some skin irritations could be lessen by avoiding certain foods. Fattening foods, including those that have cholesterol, oils and sodium may cause your skin to be more susceptible to injury when shaving.

Depilatories did the job quickly, but it’s not a fairy tale. As with razors, they may cause redness and irritation. Make sure you never use an alcohol-based cream after applying the depilatory. If you do not would like to feel as if your face is burning.

Make beards. This might not be the ideal solution for those who must shave every day for work, like the military or other professions in business. If you are able to handle this type of style, then go for it! It will completely eliminate concerns about razor bumps as well as problems with ingrown hair. Plus, you will eliminate the sharp blades!