Strong Athletic and Bound by Honor Create a Veteran Shirt

If you’re looking for a veteran shirt, you’re in luck. Strong Athletic has created an incredible shirt for USA Veterans who are active in roller derby. The shirt is a collaboration between the company and Battle Buddies, a charity that raises money for veterans. The shirt features an image of a US Marine and is available in many colors.

Strong Athletic

Strong Athletic has launched a new veteran shirt in honor of veterans. This shirt is a limited-edition design that will donate 22% of sales to Mission 22, a nonprofit that helps veterans live healthier lives. The new t-shirts are also available in black and Military green. To purchase the shirts, visit

The shirt has a tri-navy blue design and is printed with silver ink. It features the Battle Buddies and Strong Athletic logos.


Rothco is a supplier of Military uniforms, including Military sweaters, flannel shirts, and turtlenecks. They also offer shirts for law enforcement personnel. The veteran specific Rothco Veteran Shirts are designed for comfort and support the casual and professional appearance of a Military member.

Rothco’s veteran shirt is a lightweight and breathable shirt with Military veteran prints on the left chest and center back. Available in Navy, Air Force, or Marines, this shirt is comfortable enough to wear all day long. And with a taggles red label, it’s easy to identify your veteran pride.

American Spartan Apparel

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a veteran or want to show your American pride, the American Spartan Apparel veteran shirt is the perfect way to show your pride in America’s founding fathers. The shirt is available in many different styles and colors, ranging from crew necklines to V-necks, long sleeve to tank top. You can even choose from slim fit and mid-weight styles.

American Spartan Apparel’s founders are all veterans themselves. Army CPT Tyler Merritt founded the company in 2012 to raise awareness about the Military and veterans’ issues. Another founder, a Marine Veteran, founded American Spartan Apparel in 2008. His time in the Military focused on his God, Corps, and Country.

Bound by Honor

Veteran Shirts of Bound by honor traditionally were popular and played a well-established role within several first responder organizations such as the Air Force, Navy, and Fire Fighting communities amongst others. While it was believed that only those that earned one for their valor could truly appreciate it, challenge coins have expanded in their influence and are now a part of collectible items. In modern times, it is not unusual for manufacturers to design coins for collectors in a variety of sizes, often made using popular culture references to include superheroes and other well-known characters in a way that creates a parody, or creatively based on any of the responder organizations; Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles is one such brand that focuses on designing creative products paying homage to first responders.


Kerusso is a Christian clothing company that has a history of giving. The company believes in tithing and has donated thousands of Christian T-Shirts. They also partnered with Compassion International to start the “Live for Him” project and have contributed over $350,000 to the charity. The veteran shirt is available in both large and small sizes and comes in a variety of styles. The Kerusso veteran shirt is an excellent way to express your faith and spread the Good News!


Before starting his business, Kennett attempted to open a fitness center, but his financial situation prevented him from starting his own gym. Instead, he borrowed money from his siblings and began making T-shirts. His goal was to spread the Christian message through the clothing he produced, and he avoided going into debt. Today, Kerusso sells a variety of T-shirts and other apparel, including accessories, jewelry, and even home goods. He designs and produces some of his products in-house and others under license. Founded in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Kerusso has grown into a major player in

Christian clothing circles. Its 100,000-square-foot production facility in Berryville, Arkansas, employs about 160 people. The company has experienced 92 percent growth in sales in the past three years. The company’s growth has earned the company a spot on Inc. magazine’s 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list, and it has made the list six times in the past nine years.