Ten Secrets to White Paper Writing

The truth is that writers have spent many years studying the craft… Enjoy!

1.) Write concisely. Based on MarketingSherpa (2006) 6-10 pages is the appropriate size for white paper’s topic. Research conducted by Stelzner confirms the same.

2.) Integrate your online presence. MarketingSherpa research indicates the majority of customers who download and enjoy your white paper are likely to recommend it to their colleagues.36 percent of all downloads are passed on to an administrator.

3) Syndicate. The term “syndication” refers to posting to white paper distribution websites. For sites that offer extensive syndication networks, request to be highlighted on the top sites. It is important to arrange the time when your newspaper will appear to ensure you’re promoted to as many sites as you can simultaneously (even even if that means that you aren’t on all the websites you’d like to be on custom paper writing service.

Why? If you can get as many downloads that you receive in one go the higher the chance your work will be on the list of top 50 papers that week. If you’re in the Top 50 it starts to snowball that other sites are aware of them, making it much easier to maintain your ranking.For syndicators with vast networks, you can request to be highlighted on the sites with the highest number of users. It’s important to plan the time when your whitepaper is due to be published so that you’re featured across as many websites as you can simultaneously (even the risk of that you’re not on all the websites you’d like to be on).

4.) Record it as well. In the end, you’ve got the script. Based on KnowledgeStorm research 41% of the people who took part in the survey from their user base of registered professionals in the fields of technology and business (3,900 people) had downloaded podcasts at least handful of times. For those who downloaded podcasts, 65% said that they’ve downloaded podcasts for personal and business reasons.

The main result for white paper writers and marketers? The majority of respondents agreed that analyst reports and white papers could be more entertaining in the form of podcasts.

5) Advertise. Make use of e-newsletters as well as pay-per-click to drive visitors to your website. According to MarketingSherpa, “We’ve found that an appealing white paper can drive click-through rates for newsletter advertisements sky-high, usually three to five times greater than the click-through rates of an offer that does not have the white paper” IndustryWeek’s Madej.

6.) Format your content smart. Include your contact information for your business on each page as part of the head or footer. Don’t be assuming that people will scroll to the top or bottom page and contact you. What happens if one page makes contact with the company’s CEO? Writers beware that they must include the most up-to-date details.

7.) Be strategic. Make sure the reader knows what they’ll learn by studying your white page. The best papers usually begin with a quick “you’ll discover from this …” section after the title. The section assures readers that sticking around for six to 10 pages will be worth their time by offering them information that is real and the answers to their questions.

8.) Create an additional summary for search engines. You’re sure to post your essay on the internet (aren’t you?). Also, write a report using the top term for your research and then utilize that summary to aid in the search engine optimization.

9) Employ a professional writer. Writers are able to interview you and gain valuable knowledge transferso that you can get the perfect white paper that is not interrupted to your hectic schedule. How important is your time? According to Stelzner’s estimates The most experienced writers are charged between $5,500 and $7,500 for a piece of work.

10.) Employ an artist. In the event that you do not have a a design at your disposal, get in touch with designers who understand that white paper needs to look neat and easily download online and also be readable an printed document (which is how the majority of white papers end up being read). A well-designed white paper guides viewers through the details such as graphs, charts and other data in an efficient manner, ensuring that the information you wish the reader to take away is “gotten.” If not, poor design may block your message, making it hard to access, even if it’s otherwise great.