The Red Pill – My Experience After I Took It

“This is your last chance,” rebellion leader Morpheus tells Neo, retaining a coloured tablet in each hand. “You take the blue pill, the tale ends, you wake up in your bed and accept as true with something you need to accept as true with. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you the way deep the rabbit hole is going.”

This sequence from the long-lasting film “The Matrix” launched in 1999 has, these days, been appropriated by way of proper-wing extremists and other fringe companies. I completely disassociate myself from all that and go back to the authentic interpretation as a symbol and metaphor for enlightenment and transcendent awakening.

My Story And What Led Me To The Red Pill

I had been serious about the dynamics and mechanics of what makes corporations tick for as long as I can remember.

But I even have also been equally excited by the dynamics Red of how to suppose correctly, and a way to no longer suppose, and the practicalities of how to practice all this to the difficult times that have an effect on us all – and in particular now in the publish Covid-19 international.

For many years I felt that the organisational and personal dynamics of trade have been quite separate fields and hence special lines of enquiry. Eventually, I realised that they may be no longer. They are inter-linked. Everything is inter-connected. We are all inter-connected.

I do now not truely mean this as an concept or a concept but as a felt and experienced reality.

However, for the sizable majority folks, for most of the people of the time, we just can’t see it – our minds get inside the manner.

When I first saw “The Matrix” I straight away saw it as a effective visual analogy for what I became experiencing.

About 10 years before that, I had set out on a personal adventure of discovery into “the meaning of existence, the universe and the whole thing”.

I was serious and sincere in my intentions with out completely realising what I changed into stepping into, I took the purple pill.

What Does It Mean To Take The Red Pill?

The adventure of private development and spiritual increase begins with the aid of growing an excellent running relationship along with your thoughts.

The preliminary ranges of this process attention at the conscious mind and working on all of the matters you may do to expand a extra resourceful thoughts.

As you have interaction with this procedure you soon recognize that your mind has many subconscious aspects which you want to make aware and work on.

Then, at some point, you emerge as privy to your non secular or higher self.

The best manner to think about that is as your private portal to the universe and “the whole thing available”.

Taking the pink tablet describes the point at which you significantly begin to interact together with your better self…

What Happened When I Took The Red Pill

On my journey to this point I had immersed myself within the examine of psychology, self-help and private improvement. I had practised fine thinking, visualisation, affirmations; I had also embraced NLP and different techniques of self-development. I worked my way via numerous spiritual and non secular practices. I had also done plenty of paintings on myself to address the baggage of my beyond.

As a result of all this I mastered sure abilties in life and in enterprise, and I have become pretty successful and what I used to explain as a completely useful individual. At that time I felt that with the learning of these diverse abilities I had at final got a running version of a way to do lifestyles.

Curved Balls And Shattered Certainties

But, having made the commitment to dive deeper into the internal religious measurement, what I discovered become that each time I idea that I had mastered it and got the cling of it all, existence threw me a chain of curved balls that shattered my certainties and uncovered them as delusions.

If You Take “Life” Seriously It Engages And Starts To Take You Seriously

Firstly, what I didn’t recognize at the beginning of all this is that once we start to take Life severely – or The Energy Of Life as I consult with it, it takes us severely, and that changes the whole thing.

We stay in an lively international, and the way we sense internal most of the time – our dominant emotional country – has a first-rate concerning our enjoy of lifestyles, particularly through the years. In other phrases we live in a participatory universe.