What Are the Benefits of Using WhatsApp Plus?

While the whatsapp plus software is available for download for free, it is not the official version. Because it is licenced similarly to WhatsApp, you can install it without removing the original. However, before you download WhatsApp Plus, you should be aware of the changes. Some of the advantages of the WhatsApp plus application are listed below. Continue reading to learn more. You may personalize your messages, themes, and source settings using this app.

Hide your online presence

This tool is ideal for you if you just want to stalk people or check WhatsApp without anyone seeing you’re online! Most WhatsApp APKs include the option to hide your web presence status for those days when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

Blue ticks should be hidden

Users receive various levels of ticks on WhatsApp: one tick-tock when a message is sent, double ticks when a message is passed, and double blue ticks when a message is seen. You may hide the fact that you’ve seen another user’s message with this function, which is useful for ghosting others.

Status of writing

When you compose a message, the app displays a series of dots to indicate that you are typing to the other person. If you don’t know what to say, you can use this attribute to hide that fact. You can type and delete as many responses as you like without appearing to be attempting to respond for a lengthy period of time.

Status is being recorded

When reacting with the recording studio, you can hide your embarrassingly extended thinking time in a similar way to when writing.

Sticker Sets

The website sells fantastic stickers that allow you to fly to your buddies. Keep up with the most trending stickers to ensure you always have the most up-to-date stylish backgrounds. If you don’t find anything you like, you can create your own sticker packs by downloading the sticker author from the website.


Because a smartphone’s storage capacity is limited, you’ll need a technique to delete outdated chats and other unnecessary recordings. You don’t have to delete texts yourself using this cleaner because it does it for you.


Customization isn’t complete without wallpapers, of course. You can obtain all the wallpapers you need from our website.


The WhatsApp Business app has an auto-reply option that isn’t available in the regular WhatsApp app. That’s where whatsapp plus enters the picture. When you’re too weary to type by yourself, the latest edition allows you to establish automatic replies.


Motifs are an uncommon feature in WhatsApp APKs. You can personalise your WhatsApp experience by using themes. There are many themes developed by other people, and you can design your own.


You may customise not only the wallpapers and concepts, but also the headers, chat screen, and main cover to match your preferences. You may customise the notification messages and even the widgets outside of chatting.


The sharing feature of the original WhatsApp app is one of its drawbacks. You can simply share little films and audio files of a few megabytes. Worse, you don’t receive the original quality when you download an image. Enter WhatsApp Plus, which allows you to transmit films longer than 30 seconds and up to 7 minutes. You can share up to 50 MB of video and 100 MB of audio, and the photos will retain their original quality.


You’d want to protect your WhatsApp if you wanted more privacy, right? Except that you can’t since WhatsApp doesn’t own that feature; instead, whatsapp plus does. You won’t need a third-party app for it because WhatsApp Plus is more secure than the original, requiring a password before you can use it.

History and records

This function is ideal if you’re a meticulous person who likes to keep track of everything you do. Because this function logs your activity, including when you open and close the app, you can keep track of your chart and history.

Fonts and design

This Whatsapp Mod includes a wide range of fonts in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. I’m sure you’d like to give them a try.