What’s the Laser Rust Cleaning Technology

In the high- end manufacturing assiduity, in order to insure the quality of the artificial products during electroplating, phosphating, spraying, welding and assembly, it’s necessary to remove the dirt, grease, dust, rust and other pollutants on the face of the product. With high face cleaning conditions, ray cleaning technology came into being. Ray drawing technology is considered to be the most dependable and effective face treatment technology due to its cleaning characteristics similar as no force, no chemical response, no thermal effect and suitable for colorful materials. So the ray drawing rust machine is veritably Popular in numerous assiduity. Best and more effective is to use rust cleaning laser.

Ray drawing technology refers to the use of high- energy ray shafts to irradiate the face of the work piece to beget the dirt, rust or coating on the face to dematerialize or peel off incontinently, which can effectively clean the face attachments or face coating to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This ray drawing rust machine is frequently used in artificial manufacturing. In order to insure the quality of the product during the product process, it’s necessary to clean up the dirt, grease, dust, rust and other pollutants on the face of the product. With the rapid-fire development of spotlights and the nonstop in- depth exploration on the medium of ray drawing rust machine, face quality monitoring and characterization styles are getting more complete and comprehensive, the face quality of ray cleaning accoutrements has been bettered, and the cleaning delicacy and effectiveness have gradationally increased. Moment, ray cleaning rust machine has come a dependable technology that can clean the face of a large number of different substrates. The cleaning objects include sword, aluminum amalgamation, titanium amalgamation, glass and compound accoutrements, etc. The operation diligence cover aerospace, aeronautics, shipbuilding, high- speed rail, motorcars, molds, nuclear power and Ocean and other fields. Next, Buy CNC will take you to understand the assiduity operation of ray drawing rust machine.

The Conclusion Of Ray Cleaning Technology

The over is the assiduity that the ray rust way for trade is suitable for. The rust cleaning laser effectively removes the adhesion or face coating on the face of the cleaning object at a high speed, so as to achieve a clean process. It’s a new technology grounded on the commerce effect of ray and matter. It’s different from the traditional mechanical cleaning system, chemical cleaning system and ultrasonic cleaning system. It doesn’t bear any organic detergent that destroys the ozone sub caste. It has no pollution, no noise, and is dangerous to the mortal body. Environmentally inoffensive, it’s a truly green and environmentally friendly cleaning technology.