Why Roof Cleaning Is Necessary

Below are the top reasons to add bi-annual roof maintenance to the list of home maintenance tasks.

Many homeowners think that getting their roof cleaned is an indulgence and something you should do when you have extra money or are planning an event, or are looking to market your home. Although these are all wonderful occasions to have your roof clean, regularly cleaning and maintaining your roof is vital to the longevity and health for it. It’s not only its appearance. It can extend the life of your roof and spare yourself the expense of replacement roof by simply having it regularly cleaned.

The chemical cleaner that is used during cleaning your roof will remove those pesky black staining (due to mold, dirt and mildew, among a myriad of other) and prevents they from developing for a period of time. This makes a basic annual service that is scheduled every two years go further. Contact us for more information about the procedure we use on roofs and the reasons the reasons to clean your roof every so often Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning.

Maintaining your roof’s condition improve the curb appeal of your home but you also risk having your homeowners insurance canceled due to an unclean roof. The bacteria that cause shingles to deteriorate can be detrimental and a clean roof will prolong your roof’s lifespan and stops the cancellation of your insurance.

There’s no way to tell how much value is created from a first impression that is outstanding by having a clean roof. It is not a good idea to buy the house one that has an exterior that is old and dirty, with the hope that they’ll be required to replace it in the near future.

It’s not difficult to see the reason why roof maintenance is a need. Cleaning every two years can go quite a ways and could end up saving your cash in the end because it will delay repairs or replacement.

The lack of maintenance for your roof with regular roof cleaning could result in the bacteria mentioned above to attack the shingles and allow moisture to penetrate and cause wood to rot underneath. When your roofing is filthy at the moment, it might not be leaky however, over time, the the black “scum” can cause leaks and more damage that could be more expensive than the cost of a single repair. The smell of rotting roofs can attract animals in your crawlspace or attic through damaged areas of your roof.

If your roof is not maintained with regular cleaning can lead to the bacteria mentioned above to destroy your roof’s shingles by the water leaking in and cause wood to rot underneath.